Posted On: Mon, 10/08/2012 - 08:56

Context menu batch image scaling using imagemagick

I use Windows and sometimes I need to do some batch image scaling very quickly. Most people would set up a batch conversion in Photoshop, but I feel that method has too many steps. Wouldn't it be nice to just right click on the files, specify a size, and be done? I came up with a solution using Imagemagick and Windows batch files that does just that.

sample animation

Here's how to use it.

  1. Download my scripts.
  2. Download and install Imagemagick.
  3. Open an explorer window and browse to "shell:sendto". This will open up the folder where your "Send To" context menu items are stored.
  4. Extract the batch files to this folder.
  5. Select one or more of your images in an explorer window. Right click on one, and choose "Send to" > "Shrink.bat". A command window will appear prompting you for dimensions. These will be the maximum box size dimensions for proportional scaling. A subfolder named with your dimensions will be created in your current folder and your converted images will appear there.
  6. Try out the other batch files if you want to automatically crop or fill the empty space with white or whatever.


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