Posted On: Fri, 08/31/2018 - 21:52

Deck with Hot Tub and Pergola

I recently installed a deck in my back yard. Here's how it went down.

Drew the plan out in CAD. This helped me figure out exactly how big to make things, and also gave me an idea of how much wood I'd need to buy.


Dug up a lot of lawn. You would not believe how much work it is just to dig up a few inches of grass. The string is a guide to help me rake the dirt until it's level.


Put down rocks and a synthetic hot tub pad.


Started framing. The joists and beams are spaced according to engineering specs. Since the deck lies completely on the ground without legs, the project didn't require a permit.


Tools and materials.


Laid some deck boards. The rest of the deck will be completed after the hot tub arrives. That way the frame can go right up to the tub.


Hot tub is in! Started putting up the pergola.


Speakers! Lights! Curtains! Steps! All finished.


Enjoying the fire and admiring my many bags of dirt. Not pictured: a beer.


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